7 Figure Product Launching System
& 8 Figure Brand Building
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Are You Selling Products Online?

Grow your business with a profitable revenue stream by creating and launching your own products.

Gain the technical skills and know-how to successfully launch products on auto-pilot. Build a truly cashflow rich business with excellent ROI and a highly lucrative exit strategy!

Build Valuable Brands Worth

$5m - $50m
in only 3 to 5 years

Beta Testers Wanted

Register For This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

Sam Olawale

A UK based entrepreneur and investor with extensive background in financial markets, Sam has launched, and helped others launch, 7 figure brands using his own tried & tested brand building formula.

Most digital entrepreneurs do NOT realise this but... When you sell products online, you're building a brand whether you realise it or not.

  • Build a product launching machine that runs on autopilot!
  • This scalable system is quick to learn and can be automated straight away
  • Taken from successful case studies, this out-the-box system focuses on the most crucial product launching steps from campaigns that have generated over $5m+ in sales
  • It includes easy to follow SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) your team can learn and execute on their own.
  • A powerful library of over 100 videos, worksheets and checklists your team can implement with minimal effort and to the highest standards.

Are You Proud Of The Products You're Selling ?

99% of digital entrepreneurs are selling products they would never buy or use themselves.

You are jumping from one strategy to another struggling to find the golden nugget that takes you to the next level.

You're using strategies that prioritise products over customers and this is a fatal flaw!

A Roadmap To Launch & Scale

What if you could have the complete DIY system with the exact steps that transform your team into product launching ninjas that generate

5x - 20x ROI in only 60 days?

A Customised Launch Plan

You might know the road from here to the beach. But what if there was a way for you to get there twice as fast, with half the effort, and with the cash abundance to scale your business? Grab this opportunity with both hands!

What Makes Us Different

We’re glad you asked. We dive into the grind, day in and day out. We don’t make a living by teaching this. No way! We make a killing by launching wildly successful brands that sell products in multiple niches.

100% Millionaire Mindset

Do you have the peace of mind so you can focus on your business rather than in your business?This system will give you a real taste of the freedom and success you can attract when you start implementing the Product Launching System.

Here Are Some Of Our Results

Over $5,000,000
In Sales & Growing

8 Successful Campaigns Increasing Brand Value With Every Launch

Over 60,000
Happy Customers

We Turn You & Your Team Into Brand Building Experts

Over 150 Videos with Over 72 Hours Of Footage

Over 40 Checklists & Cheatsheets

Over 50 Templates & Swipefiles

Module 1

Why You Should Stop Selling Products & Start Building A Brand

Brand Building (vs) Amazon & Dropshipping

The compound interest marketing flywheel of growth

Why crowdfunding is essential to your plan

The 10 step brand building framework

Module 2

How to create excellent product market fit

How to research products people actually want to buy

How to remotely find the best suppliers to work with

How to find the perfect message for the ideal audience

How to test the price of your product to make sure it sells

Module 3

How to create an engaging content marketing funnel

How to create a compelling brand story your tribe can get behind

How to create your ideal customer avatar

How to speak the language of your audience using NLP

How to create simple landing pages that convert traffic into leads

How to create inexpensive videos that drive engagement on social media

How to setup your lead funnel for optimal conversions and engagement

Module 4

How to turn subscribers into customers and raving fans

How to write subject lines that get opened

How to create engaging emails that get read

How to engage your FB group for the pre-launch

How to accelerate engagement for pre-launch

How to create an immersive story arc for emersion

Module 5

Key must do’s before you launch

How to accurately calculate your campaign numbers

How to deliver your products to backers

How and why you need a team to support you on this mission

Bank accounts and identity authentication

Module 6

How to launch and manage a crowdfunding campaign

How to soft launch and then go live

How to maximise your list and sales in the first 24 hours

How to setup cross promos with your campaign

How to do excellent updates that add 10% - 20% to your sales

How to manage the email storm of success

How to manage your backers to increase sales

How to transition from Kickstarter to Indiegogo

How to drive Paid traffic to your campaign (KS)

How to drive Paid traffic to your campaign (IGG)

Module 7

The next steps after a successful Crowdfunding launch

How and when to fly abroad to meet your suppliers

How and when it makes sense to patent your product and protect your IP

How to create packaging for distribution and mass production

How to engage your audience post campaign before you deliver products

Module 8

Maturing your brand into ecommerce and distribution

How to enhance refine and mature your brand message

How to run testimonial campaigns to your customers

How to build your ecommerce store

How to start distributing your products through legacy channels

How to run and scale your Facebook Ads

How to run and scale your Youtube Ads

How to run an impactful SEO campaign

How and when to start selling on Amazon

Module 9

Long term planning and the road ahead

What type of brand do you want to be?

Where does this fit into your ecommerce framework?

What size/type of business do you want to build,
Boutique (remote) or large machine (office)

The hierarchy of growth and the mindset you must acquire

Automate & Scale Your Team

Based On Real Case Studies

A Business You're Proud Of

"Sam and his team are the real deal. They give it to you straight and they tell you EVERYTHING. The knowledge these guys have is insane. They helped me raise my game and optimise all areas of my business, from customer service to day-to-day admin to big picture thinking."

David Laurent

"This is the best program I’ve been a part of - and I tried them all! The level of involvement from Sam and his ninjas is crazy. You get direct real access to them and they tailor their support to your unique situation. This alone is worth thousands of $$$. Thank you guys!"

Jennifer Ford

"I was skeptical when I came to the event. Then I quickly realised these guys don’t play around. They give you hard facts and a real insight into why some businesses work and why some don’t. I connected with high-level people that helped grow my business in just a few months."

Chris Lee

7 Figure Product Launching System
& 8 Figure Brand Building
Online Mastermind

Beta Testers Wanted

Register For This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity