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Sam & DanIEL
Launch Products & Build Brands


Sam and Daniel left their corporate careers and started their online businesses from scratch.

They successfully launched 8 crowdfunding campaigns and 3 e-commerce brands. Having helped raise over $7,000,000 in sales.

Sam and Daniel continue to walk the walk and they support everything they share with real life, up to date strategies they use to grow their own brands.

And because they get a kick out of seeing the entrepreneurial spirit thrive, they want to share it all with you.


Over $7,000,000

In Sales

8 Successful

3 Successful
E-commerce Brands

Over 60,000
Happy Customers

05 Oct 2019



An exclusive 2 day event that brings together some of the brightest minds across multiple business models to share real life case studies, stories and experiences that defined their success. This will give you a clear roadmap you can implement in your business from day one.

Nov 2019




Golden Ticket

A 3 day intensive workshop, plus an 8 week bootcamp that will turn you into a digital navy seal so you can take your product or business from 0 to 7 figure valuations in only 6 months. We use our million $$ strategy to create your bespoke business plan and replicate our results.

How We Can Help You

Pre Seed Investment

We finance the best people with the best products and ideas. But we don't just offer investment, we offer smart money!

Real Life Case Studies

We use case studies from our own brands & network to bring you a clear plan tailored to your business!

Launch & Growth Strategies

After years of trial & error, we save you valuable time & money by showing you what really works!

Mentorship & Support

We have a unique approach to mentoring that's highly effective and fosters a deep connection between us and our partners.

Be A Digital Navy Seal

Our aim is to make you as capable as we are so you can be combat-ready to scale a big business.

Regular Workshops & Follow Ups

Science proves that real learning doesn't happen in 1 day. Our ongoing support will turn your business from zero to hero.


Do You Have What It Takes?


An independent initiative for the best and brightest minds that are eager to partner with the Elite Mastermind Network for a life-changing experience.

This isn't just about making one person rich. This is about investing in you and supporting you to create a future you are proud of.

Are you ready to find out if you have what it takes?

What Others Say

"Sam & Daniel are the real deal. They give it to you straight and they tell you EVERYTHING. The knowledge these guys have is insane. They helped me raise my game and optimise all areas of my business, from customer service to day-to-day admin to big picture thinking."

David Laurent

"This is the best program I’ve been a part of - and I tried them all! The level of involvement from Sam and Daniel is crazy. You get direct real access to them and they tailor their support to your unique situation. This alone is worth thousands of $$$. Thank you guys!"

Jennifer Ford

"I was skeptical when I came to the event. Then I quickly realised these guys don’t play around. They give you hard facts and a real insight into why some businesses work and why some don’t. I connected with high-level people that helped grow my business in just a few months."

Will Lee

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