Who We Are

Sam and Daniel left their corporate careers and started their online businesses from scratch.

They successfully launched 8 crowdfunding campaigns and 3 e-commerce brands. Having raised over $7,000,000 in sales so far, they're only getting started.

Sam and Daniel continue to walk the walk and back every single bit of skill they share with real life case studies and up to date strategies developed during the launch of their very own brands and products.

Meet The Founders

Sam Olawale

  • An investor at heart, Sam started as a stockbroker and sales trader for a leading investment house, then moved into the hedge fund world
  • Became Sales Director for a property investment fund based in Spain/Gibraltar, managing over 50 sales staff across 4 global offices
  • Launched multiple 7 figure brands through crowdfunding and e-commerce
  • Achieved the incredible record of placing all his crowdfunding campaigns in the top 1% of all campaigns that manage to reach 6 figure funding throughout their live time
  • Launched 3 e-commerce brands with sales of $7,000,000 in just under 3 years... and growing every day

Daniel Vaduva

  • Launched SoundHeroes raising over $600.000 in crowdfunding orders and over $2,200,000 in sales
  • Represented Romania at the 2019 CES Las Vegas
  • Won Creative Business Cup in Romania
  • Made it to the finals in the World Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen in July 2019
  • Won 5th place at Start-up Elevate during Tech XLR8 in London UK
  • Included in the top 100 managers in Romania by Business Magazine
  • Is a mentor in Founder Institute where he helps other start-ups grow and excel

Our Mission

We help the best entrepreneurs and startups raise capital, launch, scale and grow their products and businesses to 7 and 8 figures.

Our Promise

To use our skills, experience, network and our own money to fund the "Golden Ticket" initiative and help startups grow beyond their wildest aspirations.

Our Merit

We take you behind the scenes of our own success and show you not just the rewards but, most importantly, the challenges and lessons learnt along the way.

Our Impact

Discover brilliant ideas out there and help develop them into solutions that will serve a small group of people, a large community or even the entire world.