Digital Marketing & Product Launching Skill Share + 7-Figure Case Studies

5th OCT 2019 | Bucharest - Romania



The Speakers

Sam Olawale

A UK based entrepreneur and investor with extensive background in financial markets, Sam launched multiple 7 figure brands using his own tried & tested brand building formula, generating sales of over $5,000,000 and growing every day.

Daniel Vaduva

The Kalium Labs co-founder raised over $600,000 with Indiegogo's jaw-dropping humanoid speaker. Nominated one of Romania's top 100 managers, Daniel is a mentor at Founder Institute where he helps other start-ups grow and excel.

Andrei Amarasteanu

Having launched Romania's biggest crowdfunding campaign, Andrei raised $1,500,000 in under 6 months. He joins us for an exciting session during which he shares valuable lessons learnt along the way that apply in all areas of life.

Gabriel Paunescu

A software engineer and serial entrepreneur, Gabriel has co-founded several businesses in gaming, e-commerce and IoT. He's also a consultant on large enterprise software deployments and cyber-security for the government.

A Close-Up Look At The Tried & Tested Strategies Of Successful Online Entrepreneurs

Case Studies

The internet is full of anecdotal advice! "Work hard", "set goals", "make a plan", you know the drill... But that doesn't take you anywhere. What you need is behind the scenes access to the WHAT and HOW of people who already succeeded. And that's exactly what you get at the Digital Marketing & Product Launching Skill Share!

Questions & Answers

You know how most events or webinars give you bits and pieces but always leave the most important areas out? Well, you won't have to worry about that here. If you feel there's any stone we left unturned, you can ask our speakers direct questions so you can get the most value out of their knowledge and experience.

Complete Roadmap

Packed with real life strategies that actually work, you will leave this skill share witha clear roadmap of actionable steps you can start implementing into your business straight away. This is a value packed event you simply can't miss.

This Event Is For You If You Want To ...

Find Your (Next) Big Idea

Hacks and tips that will help you gain clarity on what you want to do and what’s the best way to get there, much faster and with less challenges than most business owners.

Access Real Case Studies

These are the latest digital marketing strategies that your speakers use in their own online businesses to generate multi million $$ incomes on a consistent basis.

A Business You're Proud Of

Wherever you are in your journey, this skill share will show you how to start on a budget and stay cost-efficient while maximising your bottom line.

Discover The Key Factors That Help Us Get Results On Autopilot

Crafting Your Brand Story

Defining the best message that speaks to your audience in a way that turns them into raving fans today!

Raising Capital

This is one of the most stressful things for a startup. Using our approach to funding, it doesn't have to be!

Social Media Ad Strategies

How to find the ideal customers that are happy to pay for your product or service and keep coming back for more.

"Sam & Daniel are the real deal. They give it to you straight and they tell you EVERYTHING. The knowledge these guys have is insane. They helped me raise my game and optimise all areas of my business, from customer service to day-to-day admin to big picture thinking."

David Laurent

"This is the best program I’ve been a part of - and I tried them all! The level of involvement from Sam and Daniel is crazy. You get direct real access to them and they tailor their support to your unique situation. This alone is worth thousands of $$$. Thank you guys!"

Jennifer Ford

"I was skeptical when I came to the event. Then I quickly realised these guys don’t play around. They give you hard facts and a real insight into why some businesses work and why some don’t. I connected with high-level people that helped grow my business in just a few months."

Will Lee

Start Building Your Network

Get exposed to one of the most valuable assets you can gain! Bestselling author Tim Sanders said "Your network is your net worth"! Being around like-minded people that have overcome incredible challenges and learnt powerful lessons will save you time, money and a lot of failure in the future.